Welcome to Words Count.

You have a message. It may be a story, or perhaps you want to give your business or your blog a voice? The thing is, words might not be your best friends, and if that's the case, you've come to the right place.

Whether you need help writing content for your blog or your business, it should be professional, engaging and well researched, while preserving the power of your content. Words Count offers professional writing, editing and design, and web design services at competitive rates, within your deadline.

The English Language is suffering shameless daily abuse across the globe. This is excluding 'mobile' text lingo. Legitimate businesses and services are butchering English slowly and painfully - to their own detriment. There is nothing that says "unprofessional" as clearly as poor spelling and grammar. Yes, allowances should be made for colloquial engagement with target audiences, but not at the expense of good English.

Google agrees. Search algorithms are increasingly being optimised and configured to extract quality, well-written content. Gone are the days where click-bait and keywords will get you to number one on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). The integrity of content is crucial to building your online reputation. Creating meaningful, well-crafted content that is relevant is the best way to build a solid online reputation.

Your website, blog or social media platforms speak for you, to people you don't know, in places well beyond your geographical scope. Needless to say, the quality of your content will decide the impression these people get of you or your business. And did I forget to mention that you only get one shot at that all-important first impression?

We Can Help!

At Words Count, we offer comprehensive services to help you get your name and brand out. Maybe you don't even have a name or a brand yet, and you want help to bring your concept to fruition? We can help. With our custom service, you'll soon have everything from a logo, business cards and basic branding (colours, styles and fonts), to a website and social media presence.

Or, if you would like to see how Words Count can improve your existing content, or write fresh, informative content for your business, blog or website, contact us now for a custom quote and allow us to put the magic in your message.

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