Letitia Matthews, Freelancer Writer, Blogger & Author
How Long have Words Been my Friends?

My writing journey began before I was ten years old. Good books, encouraging parents and teachers, and a colourful imagination kindled the spark into an all-consuming inferno. It culminated in a two-year study of journalism. Life’s seasons and storms have doused my literary fire at times, but I have, at last, realised my dream of writing and designing from home on a full-time basis.

My Writing Experience

I am a highly motivated creative writer with a strong love and command of the English language. Taking a creative approach to my work is something I love. I respect deadlines and work to a high standard of excellence. Several years of experience as a freelance editor, and writing four manuscripts, inspired me to become a full-time blogger @ www.zebraonmystoep.co.za. In addition, I have more than 10 years of experience writing engaging, informative website content, press releases, promotional content and resumes. I have also done extensive content writing for a wide variety of niches. Samples of my work are available on request.

How Can I Help You?

I believe in the power of words. Well-chosen words can make the world of difference in everything from personal communication to business correspondence. In the prevailing world of technology and social media, a far wider audience has access to your words and the potential impact should never be under-estimated or wasted.

Furthermore, well-written, meaningful content is increasingly gaining preference in SEO algorithms. Creating quality, relevant content, is fast becoming one of the best ways of building your brand’s credibility.

I care about your message. I believe in the fundamental principles of knowing and understanding your target audience, to better convey your message in an authentic, engaging manner. Your message can, and should, stand out from the crowd based on its own merits. I would welcome more information about your writing, web design or marketing project if you think my skills would add value to your work.

I look forward to helping you put the magic in your message…

Best wishes,