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Creative Resources exist because there is always room for improvement. Not because you haven't done your best, but because there are so many awesome resources out there. Now you and I can enhance our projects well beyond our personal limitations. I speak from experience - I often want graphics to underline what I am saying, but I can't draw a stick man with a pencil! Enter graphic resources... Instant happiness! There are so many gifted artists, illustrators and graphic designers out there who are willing to share their work with the likes of me. Now I am able to create striking projects that convey exactly what I want them to, in the absence of words. I have many favorites, but a few follow below to get you started.

Design CutsDesign Cuts

Design Cuts is a treasure trove of design resources and fonts, and their freebies... well let's just say they are spectacular! They come free commercial licences and easy-to-follow tutorials that will inspire you in no time.



If fonts are your thing - especially free fonts, then you'll enjoy Fontspace. They have in excess of 31 000 free fonts from designers around the world. If you sell your designs or products, make sure that this is allowed under the font licence, as many are for personal use only.


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