Infographics – Marketing Magic in the Blink of an Eye.

Infographics. Even if you haven’t heard of them or consciously know what they are, I guarantee you have seen hundreds (conservatively speaking). How do I know for sure? Well, simply put, they are the best way of presenting processes and products in a logical, easy-to-follow visual manner. It’s widely accepted that our visual sense is the primary means of processing information. Not surprisingly, the human brain allocates 20% of its resources to visual function.

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It has been scientifically proven that humans can process images twice as quickly as written content. It has been said that we can process an image, and its meaning, in less than the blink of an eye. This alone is a good reason to maximise your message with the use of images and graphics.


Colour is another huge factor. Since the beginning of time, our species has associated aspects of life and survival with specific colours. For instance, red is associated with danger and fire. Blue is synonymous with water, the sky and oceans. Traditionally, colours were stereotyped – pink for girls, blue for boys, and so on. However, we live in an age where colour is pivotal to experiencing and expressing everything around us, and thankfully, all colours belong to all people:-).


Essentially, we are wired to respond to visual content. More importantly, we remember visual information more easily. From a marketing perspective, this is crucial. I am not saying that written content is obsolete (of course not! I am a writer:-). No, I am simply saying that graphics are equally important when trying to convey a message. Warning signs work, because we can quickly see, process and apply the visual information. Road signs are the same – we know that some signs with different shapes and colours represent different kinds of information. So, we process them accordingly, without a second thought.

Infographics are magical images that make modern marketing and design exciting and highly effective. They are visually appealing tools for explaining, summarising and presenting concepts. Now, processes and products are conveyed quickly and concisely in ways that are memorable. Tools

There are amazing infographic tools out there for people who enjoy being creatively involved in their own marketing content. If this is you, check out this amazing mega infographic bundle. It offers a wide variety of very useful and descriptive graphics that will help you to convey your visual message in the most meaningful way. It is available at a massively reduced price for a limited period., InfographicsIf you prefer a more vintage look, consider this bundle of vector elements  in colour and chalk images.

Whatever you choose, infographics will open a whole new market for your business, because they are mobile, web and print friendly., Infographic Creation

If you are not really into DIY design, then head on over to, where you can enlist the services of highly professional, gifted designers who can translate your concepts into stunning graphics. You have the freedom and flexibility to negotiate your deadline and budget.

Inforgraphics are proven marketing tools, that are increasingly being used to maximise brand power and exposure. See what they can do for your business today – you won’t be sorry.